Applications of Industrial Chemicals in the Agricultural Industry 

TIB Chemicals offers high-quality industrial chemicals for processing companies in the agricultural industry. Our products assist chemists and engineers in the production of effective fertilizers, pesticides, and agronomic solutions. Our fertilizer components, such as ammonium thiosulfate and potassium thiosulfate, are essential for the formulation of nitrogen fertilizers, maximizing nutrient uptake and improving soil fertility. In plant protection, we offer metal compounds like copper hydroxide carbonate and zinc chloride, which provide reliable protection against fungal infestations and plant diseases, thereby ensuring plant productivity. Our zinc and manganese compounds are crucial for micronutrient fertilization, promoting plant health through precise and effective application. Through continuous research and close collaboration with processing companies, we ensure that our chemicals meet the highest standards and contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural solutions. With TIB Chemicals' products, processing companies can increase their efficiency and sustainability, enhancing their competitiveness in the global market. We are proud to be a reliable partner in the chemical industry, supporting innovative agricultural products.

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