Fluxes – economical and efficient

Our fluxes are mainly used in hot dip galvanising for the pretreatment of steel surfaces. They are also needed for the pretreatment of metals before soldering and welding. We can offer to our customers a complete range of standard, acid-buffering and low-fume fluxes.

Recently, we have added an iron-precipitating flux to our product range: TIB Flux Ferrokill. This patented flux was specially developed for the requirements of our customers. TIB Flux Ferrokill is an acid-buffering universal flux for the hot dip galvanising process. Ferrokill is different from all other known fluxes in its characteristic to autonomously oxidise unwanted iron enrichments and to precipitate the accumulated iron as iron hydroxide sludge. Consequently, our customers can remove, on site, undesirable iron from the flux bath by simple filtration.

All our fluxes are produced as free-flowing powder and packed in reclosable steel drums containing amounts of 200–300 kg,depending on the composition of the product. Fluxes can be stored in these drums for long times without quality loss. If requested, certain fluxes can also be manufactured as ready-made solutions and supplied in street tank cars or IBC.

As an additional service, we can offer to our customers the recycling or the reconditioning of their used flux baths, filter dusts and zinc ashes. The necessary analyses for the control of the flux baths are performed in our analytical laboratory. The remaining residues from the recycling process are disposed of according to regulations in our own, officially authorised landfill.

Fluxes for hot dip galvanising

of pieces

of small parts

of wires

of steel strips

TIB Flux D1100Zinc ammonium double salt
TIB Flux 60Standard flux
TIB Flux 60SPFlux with acid buffer
TIB Flux SKFlux for acid correction
TIB Flux FERROKILL /ESFlux for iron precipitation
TIB Flux 69 SLow-fume flux
TIB Flux 72Low-fume flux
TIB Flux 73 SLow-fume flux
TIB Flux RALow-fume flux
TIB Flux RSPLow-fume flux with acid buffer
TIB Flux RKLow-fume flux for acid correction